Monday, August 1, 2016

California Reset

Day 117 - July 31 (Day 116 zero)
Mile: 1716.2 to 1738.6 (22.4)
up/down: 4000/3600 feet

We came into Ashland along the Siskiyou Mountains traveling quite a bit east. We continued that this morning after leaving the I-5 trailhead. We went east and south so far that we got within 1.5 miles of California again!  All of this sets up for a trail that walks the backbone of Oregon right through the Cascades with all the big volcanoes. 

We got an early start, with Alex giving up his Sunday sleep-in to take us the 45 minutes to the trailhead. A huge thanks to Alex, Jan, and Junie for a fantastic zero day. They took great care of us and the pizza last night was outstanding!


During the morning trek we passed a local landmark, Pilot Rock. This volcanic plug is millions of years old and can be seen 40 miles away from the Shasta Valley. It was used during settlement for trail navigation. After sliding by we finally turned north for good. 

Mt Shasta is still with us. We first saw it over two weeks and 375 trail miles ago!

The rest of the day was uneventful, mostly ridge walking with limited views in the trees. I know we're getting close to the Mt. McLaughlin volcano but good views will have to wait. We are actually camped at water tonight for a change!



  1. So now I know that when we are near Ashland going to see family I can know that the hills to the east are where the trail is. What a difference after that high, tree-lined pass before coming into this valley and much drier conditions.

  2. Nice photo of my dear Nephew. And, of course, to see Pilot Knob up close.