Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shelter Cove

Day 124 - August 7
Mile: Skyline alternate 5.4 to 20.1; 2.5 mile road walk; PCT 1905.4 to 1908.2 (20.0)
up/down: 2000/3000 feet

Resupply day as we finish the Oregon Skyline Trail to Shelter Cove on Odell Lake. This trail is over a century old and runs the length of Oregon from Cascade Locks to Siskiyou Summit on the CA/OR border. The majority of the trail was incorporated into the PCT in 1968. The two trails are slightly different in this area and we took the historic trail into resupply for more water opportunities. 

The nearly 15 miles today went quickly even with substantial downed trees in the last third. Lunch at Diamond View Lake was lovely with Diamond Peak filling the background. 

The Shelter Cove Resort was a first class operation with a special area set up for hikers to rest, sort supplies, and charge electronics. We stayed for a few hours consuming many calories and charging batteries. By 5pm we bid our goodbyes and hiked out. The most efficient way back to the trail was the 2 plus mile road along the lake to Willamette Pass on highway 58 where we picked the PCT back up at mile 1905.4. From there we hiked to Lower Rosary Lake where we threw up our tent in fading light. 


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  1. What a wonderful stop-over. Recharging inside and out. The lake is gorgeous.
    And also Diamond Peak. I could spend a happy week there at Shelter Cove.