Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Shire

Day 125 - August 8
Mile: 1908.2 to 1930.8 plus .6 side trip (23.2)
up/down: 2750/2800

New trip bird: Barrow's Goldeneye 

Before we leave Rosary Lake this morning Susan scans the water and spots a duck. It's a female goldeneye but which one. The characteristics fit Barrow's and the range maps allow for it here in summer.  A quick text messages to our friend Steve who is very familiar with Oregon Bird status and distribution confirms Barrow's as a rare breeder. Very cool. 

If we have to walk all morning in a viewless forest at least this one is interesting. We are ready for Frodo and Sam or some other Hobbits to come around the corner at any minute. The old growth hemlocks are huge and covered in moss, the long stringy moss I think is called Spanish moss or beard moss. Whatever it's called it is awesome. 

Seven miles into our morning calls for a side trip. There is a lake a short distance off trail called Bobby Lake and how can we pass up one named for our son Bobby!  We sit and have second breakfast at the tranquil lake before hustling back to our regularly scheduled trail. 

More forest and after lunch we enter a very old burn that is regenerating nicely. An hour of this is enough and we reach a lakes basin where we have our choice of camping. The miles came pretty easy today so we push out to our limit at about 23 miles. It's been cloudy all day and rain threatens as we quickly pitch camp. All the chores are done and we're snuggled down in our bags as we get an early taste of fall with the very cool temperatures for the past few days. To think just a few days ago we were cooking, and now Susan is wearing all her jackets to hike in!



  1. The Goldeneye is a real treat! Glad they found a quiet lake to nest on. Those hemlocks with moss are really awesome. Can see why you are expecting literary company. Bobby Lake looks like worth the diversion. That beautiful flower has leaves like a penstemon, but is it a fire flower?
    What a gorgeous area. So glad you can share.
    By the way, I have figured out that my cats also have "second breakfast" when they come in later in the morning for crunchies after their earlier canned food. Thanks for the phrase.

    1. The common name is fireweed. Hobbits have second breakfast, and then Elevensees! We are hoping for spectacular views of the sisters tomorrow.