Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Day 148 - August 31 (Happy birthday to my brother Bill !)
Mile: 2385.8 to 2390.6 (4.8)
up/down: 700/1350 feet

Not a lot of hiking, just enough to get us to the Interstate 90 roadside ski town of Snoqualmie Pass. Gas station, motel, several restaurants, that's it. But it's all we need with excellent food choices and a roof over our heads for this rainy afternoon. More rain in the forecast for the next few days and we're not happy about that. Speaking of the next section, it is 75 miles and the altitude profile looks like an EKG. Straight up and down multiple times between 3 and 6 thousand feet elevation. Hold on!

Those mountains are next starting tomorrow 
Laundry is done and we've eaten twice already with dinner still to go. It is going to be hard to break this habit of eating everything in sight after the hike...


  1. Wow! Look at those mountains! The foxglove-type flowers are just gorgeous and as tall as Susan. Nice.
    Eating - you will have to catch up when you get home, but the need will fall off and you can eat normally again.
    Mantra - This Too Shall Pass.
    One-day-at-a-time and all that cr....
    Go Susan!! Make that rain feel your wrath!

  2. I see the ski-lifts ! And the other restaurants. Pork Up.

  3. Hey happy birthday Billy....Abu Abu Abu....And I'll bet you're way better looking than you're brother!

  4. Bob and Susan, I would like your permission to re-post some of your PCT photos on a website that I maintain that features stories and images from the PCT ( I would give you full credit and link to your blog. Let me know if that would be OK with you.

  5. Bob and Susan,
    As you get just a bit farther north to Rainy Pass in the North Cascades, you will pass maybe within site of the Early Winter Spires and Liberty Bell. Thinking that the month of September has the best weather in Washington, about twenty years ago during the first week, I went to climb the face of Liberty Bell with a buddy of mine. I spent three days on the face; it should have been a one day climb but snow and rain kept us pinned to the wall for two extra days. So much for predicting weather in Washington.
    By the way, you guys are truly amazing!!

  6. I'm looking forward to your being home safe and sound but I so thoroughly enjoy your posted adventures. Good vibes for the remaining trail!