Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Last Man (Bird) Standing

Day 118 - August 1
Mile: 1738.6 to 1760.8 (22.2)
up/down: 3300/2600 feet

As summer wanes and the birdsong of spring becomes mostly a memory, I've decided to keep track of the birds who are still singing true breeding song and see who is the last.  I won't count birds that "sing" the same in summer and winter, like Red-breasted Nuthatch. Today opened with the dawn song of an American Robin above our tent. Shortly into the hike I heard two Olive-sided Flycatchers on adjacent territories goings at it strongly with plenty of "Quick, Three Beers."  A short time later the methodical song of a Cassin's Vireo caught my ear. And then all were trumped by a Northern Pygmy-Owl tooting out his morning refrain. That was all for today. 

The hiking today was easy with gentle terrain but modest views at best. The day was spent in rolling hills of primarily Doug Fir and cedar with the occasional Western White and Sugar Pines and really never opened to grand vistas. 


The surprise of the day came when we arrived at our pre-selected camp (with water!) at the Brown Mountain Shelter, primarily a ski hut but open to hikers in the summer. What to our surprise did we find but awesome trail magic. John and Susan from Ashland spend a few weeks each summer stocking the cabin with goodies. I might have even had two beers, but who's counting. Thanks to them for the awesome magic!


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  1. What nicely timed trail magic for you. It continues to show that the majority of people are good, warm-hearted and like to help each other.