Monday, August 22, 2016

Friends, Old and New

Day 138 - August 21
Mile: 2183.2 to 2202.7 (19.5)
up/down: 4350/2000 feet

Last night at this time we were climbing a hill in stifling 90F heat. Tonight we're camped by a lake and its 50F with 20mph wind. The heat wave really did break today. It's been a struggle for three days to get to and hold on to elevation. Today we made it to 4000 before dropping back and then finally a 1500 foot climb to 5000. We are finally in the Northern Cascade high country to stay. 

Lots of second growth fir forest today but we got some open views near the end. We are approaching the big volcano that is Mount Adams and had a look back to Mount Hood in the distance. 

Acquaintances on the trail come and go, and sometimes a chance meeting is a shock. This morning we ran into Blue Jay hiking south. We met Blue Jay on our second day way back on the approach to Mt Laguna in a pouring rain storm. She was with us when we had the slumber party in the restaurant.  We hiked with her a bit way back then before she fell behind. We knew she gave up her thru hiking aspirations months ago and started skipping around to hike snow free sections. So when we ran into her today it was a big surprise. We talked for a while and agreed to stay in touch.

We met Early Bird and Riley from Canada on Pinchot Pass way back in the Sierra, and crossed the difficult south fork Kings River together. Then we lost them before a chance passing in Belden town hundreds of miles later.  We saw them again yesterday, again hundreds of miles between. Amazing. 

Bruce "Ole Big Feet" is an avid follower of our blog since early on. While doing a southbound section of southern Washington he realized our paths would cross. Yesterday he walked right up to Susan and called her by name, then introduced himself and offered help if we need it near Snowqualmie Pass. It was very nice of him. 

We make new acquaintances nearly every day but continue to be amazed by how quickly they come and go, then come together again. 

We went past 2200 miles today and now have less than 450 to go. That's a good thing - we are getting tired. 


  1. Pretty amazing really--I mean you look back at Mt Hood in the background like you drove by a 7-11. And all the people you mention-some that love to hike but for a number of reasons can't do the complete hike through. 450 to go... On one hand it must feel great, an incredible accomplishment. On the other...what could you possibly do for an encore? Nah, let's not think about that now. Carry On!

  2. 2200 miles! No wonder you're getting tired. Congrats on another milestone!