Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Day 127 - August 10
Mile: 1951.5 to 1973.7 (22.2)
up/down: 4100/2700 feet

The Three Sisters. Volcanic mountains that are a landmark in central Oregon with an interesting mythology. After days buried in viewless forest all was forgotten today with exceptional views from early until late. With it came a lot more climbing than what we've been experiencing lately. 

We started with the usual forest path and by mid morning had reached Sister Mirror Lake. While the reflection was only of a partial mountain, it was a start. We continued on and the view opened up for South and Middle Sister, at times quite spectacular. 

We were on the west side of the range and late in the afternoon entered a special area of obsidian that included Obsidian Creek and waterfall. By this time we were traversing past North Sister. 

The final two miles of our day took us through an amazing lava flow with a well built trail. Clearing the bizarrely named Opie Dilldock Pass we dropped down to Minnie Scott Spring and our camp for the evening. 

We are about 8 miles from highway 242 and McKenzie Pass where we will meet Tom and Allison from Eugene. They are friends of our friends Steve and Priscilla from Porterville. Tom and Allison offered to meet up with us with some real food and company. How can we pass that up?!! 

And for our Last Man Standing- two nights in a row we've had Common Nighthawk doing not only the PEENT call but also the humming roar of wing whir during a display dive. I'd say that counts. 


  1. This will be fun to have you meet Tom & Allison, maybe you guys can find something to celebrate tomorrow! Steve

  2. Incredibly Stunning landscape!! OMG! The flowers are certainly a "riot" and gorgeous. I am so glad to see that area. The trail through the lava...
    Just raw nature. I do love the look of volcanoes close up and far away. I imagine that your lunch meeting was special.
    Opie Dilldock - O.P. Dilldock. Lots of info - 1918 movie with character O.P. Dilldock. 1908 Opie Dilldock's Stories, Comic strip character. Irish-German "Dopey Dilldock" as a not-so-bright. Dopey segued into Opie.. and on it goes. Fun research. There is an Oregon place name book that would tell us more when we buy it...

  3. Wait! Hold the Presses! Just found a definitive explanation - ".... The pass was named in 1932 for a comic strip character who always found an unusual way to get out of tight situations, as the trail builders did here."
    Terry Richard.

    1. Too cool, thanks! I totally agree with the trail builders assessment. Amazing work!

  4. And now you are at a hiker heaven. Good breaks today - refreshing I hope.