Monday, August 15, 2016

Oregon Dog Miles

Day 132 - August 15
Mile : 2962.1 to 2087.9 (25.8)
you/down: 3200/2000 feet

New trip bird: Common Yellowthroat at the equestrian campground meadow margin. 

A couple weeks ago we were sitting at a lunch spot with some other hikers, youngsters who do bigger miles. The subject of daily miles came up and one of the younguns said it was now easier to do big miles because they were "Oregon miles" (flatter, easier terrain). I asked if that was like dog years and the term "Oregon Dog Miles" was coined. We did our biggest day yet, a fairly easy 25 miles with several long breaks. We pushed to get within striking distance of Timberline Lodge for the world famous breakfast buffet and got to 6 miles out. Thank goodness for Oregon Dog Miles. 

Forest walking again this morning and just before lunch as we rolled into the Timothy Lake area we see a sign directing PCT hikers to campsite 7 in the equestrian campground.  Who are we to argue. Connie, her monster dog, and three horses were doing magic. There was a fire going and giant hotdogs to be grilled. We each had one then the starving dog (Hummingbird) cooked and ate another. I could just stare in awe...  

We walked the length of Timothy Lake, stopped for a swim, then continued up and around the next big ridge, when finally! we had a great look at Mount Hood now just a few miles away. We will be there tomorrow trying to fill Hummingbird's hollow leg. 



  1. Hope you are now at breakfast and got your snout in the trough!! :) Please say HI to Mt. Hood for me. What a stunning view you posted!

    1. We have eaten ourselves to pain. 😀

    2. One of my biggest disappointments on our Oregon trip was not getting a good look (not to mention photo) of Mount Hood. Mainly it was due to the constant rain. It's gorgeous.

  2. Forgot to add - amazing that this is your first COYE.