Monday, April 12, 2021

The Argus -- Shepherd Canyon

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Bob and I explored more of the Argus this winter.  We were inspired to go to Shepherd Canyon when a friend told us there was a very well maintained BLM adopt a cabin up there.  It is good that there are interesting things to look at as this isn't the most bird filled spot in the world.  We found some well engineered donkey trails and meandered around looking at pretty rocks, and random mining junk.  

Our weather was stormy on this hike and we actually had a bit of grapple.

Random mining junk.

This is not the nice BLM adopt a cabin.  It is more of a fixer upper.

Inside definitely needs some work.

Once upon a time it had a nice patio.

There's limestone in them there hills.

Our first destination of the day.

And there is some mineral bearing rock as well.

Going in there does not look like a good idea.

Looking back to the limestone hills

We are headed to the BLM cabin on a donkey trail.

That discolored spot just right of center is a tailings pile.

The cabin is way down there.

We are on a miner trail now.

Kopper King Mine has a shaft that goes way down!

The inside of the cabin.

The adopt a cabin.

Next stop, some pretty and interesting rocks.

These look volcanic.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Last Chance Canyon

We saw some photos of some lovely rock formations in Last Chance Canyon which is in the El Paso Mountains and very close to our house.  We had never been, so we turned a 4x4 drive into a hike.  We can't actually recommend our route.  We slogged through miles of deep sand to see the formations.  Not fun.  The formations though are quite lovely, so next time we will go in on another route as there is more to explore in this area.

Our first view of the formations we came to see.

The unattractive sandy road we walked in and on.

V Notch

This is the V notch that the Jeep guys like to try their vehicles out on.  Yes, the black along the base of the rocks is tire rubber.  To fully appreciate what this means, you can look at this video V Notch.  Now doesn't that look like fun.  Well, it might be more fun than the sand walking.  Anyway, back to why we were there.

The pinks and whites are nicely offset against a deep blue sky, alas, that is not to last.  Our forecast bluebird day turns out to be cloudy and windy.  Big sigh.

That hole is a mine tunnel.

More mine tunnels.

With the black rocks and gray skies, I am starting to feel like I'm in Modor.

Interesting rocks

That white cliff band is where the Dutch Cleanser Mine is.

You can read our Dutch Cleanser Mine trip blog here Dutch Cleanser Mine

Again the black hole is a mine shaft.