Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Ducky Day

Feeling a bit bored with our local gorgeous mountains, Bob and I decided to head up to Mammoth to do a circumabulation of Duck Lake.  I know, the name, Duck Lake, does not inspire reverence, but the scenery does inspire awe and wonder.

Emerald Lake

We went up via Emerald Lake, then over Duck Pass, and down along Duck Lake to Pika Lake.  From there we cross countried over snow and talus to the far end of Duck Lake where we picked up the trail and headed out.

Barney Lake and the view towards the pass

The view from near the pass looking back towards Barney and Mammoth Mountain.

Cinquefoil flowering in the icy stream.
Duck Lake
Pika Lake

Wall flower

Our cross country route
Looking back towards the pass.

Silver Peak
Duck Lake
Duck Lake with Pika Lake at the base of the mountains
Duck Lake, another view.  Gorgeous from any angle.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


The mountains have been calling us and we have answered.  Over the last couple months we have done several trips.  Our friend Hikin' Bill did his first glissade, so we have to commemorate this event with a blog post.  I'll also put in a few photos to give an idea of how snow melt occurs over time.

Blue Lake May 7

Blue Lake June12

Bill's first glissade

Lower Lamark Lake May 8

Lower Lamark Lake May 23
Grass Lake May 8
Grass Lake June 13

Sunday, June 17, 2018


This is our second family trip in less than a month.  This time we headed to Idaho to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday!  We also got to see nieces and their partners and my sister.

Susan, Mom, and sister Sandra.  Yes, I guess it was purple shirt day.
Happy Birthday!

It is fortunate that my Mom's birthday is close to the best bloom time for flowers.  We took her out to see the Camas Lilies at Camas Prairie Centennial MarshWildlife Management Area.  Not only were the lilies wonderful, the bird life was great as well.  Bird list here.  The highlight was a displaying American Bittern.  He put on a show, thunder pumping and showing his breeding finery as he tried to impress a female.  She was not impressed, but we certainly were.

Camas Prairie with the Centennial Mountains in the background.

A close up of Camas Lily

American Bittern

Camas Prairie

Western Meadowlark

Wilson's Phalarope

Wilson's Snipe

Yellow-headed Blackbird

We also went to Brockman's Hummingbird Feeding Station.  Bird list here.  This is a parcel of private property in the forest with many hummingbird feeders.  We spent several happy hours here watching the pugnacious little combatants.  As the feeding station is in the South Hills, home of the Cassia Crossbill, we went to look for them after our fill of hummingbirds.  We heard them with my Mom, but didn't see them until a later trip.

The hummingbird feeding station

Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Bob and I did a loop hike through Wahlstrom Hollow in the South Hills.  We needed a bit of exercise and this came recommended as a good flower hike.  The mules ears were lovely and we enjoyed the hike.  Afterwards we went back for the crossbills, this time finding a couple family groups.  On our way we stopped at Shoshone Falls.  They were mighty impressive at peak run off.

Hike track link

Checker lily Fritillaria affinis?

Male Cassia Crossbill

Immature Cassia Crossbill