Sunday, October 25, 2020

Zion -- The Subway

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Our third smoke refugee trip was to Zion National Park.  This wasn't on our radar, but when we received Gina's text asking if we wanted to do the Subway with her and Shawn, we were in.  Since we were going to be in the area, Kolob Canyon had been on our radar after we spent a few snowy and blustery hours there, so somehow this would end up on our plan as well.  Our final trip plan was dayhiking the Subway, and a three night backpacking trip to Kolob Canyon.

First up, the Subway.   The next blog post will be our backpacking trip.

The Subway is a permit only hike or canyoneering trip.  We were doing the bottom up hike.  It is billed as strenuous, and lives up to its billing.  The trail into the canyon, is more like a mountain goat ramp, and then in the bottom of the canyon it is find your own way with splashing in the river thrown into the mix.  An interesting scenery mix that changes over the miles and we had the added pleasure of good company.  Thank you Gina and Shawn.

We were walking as the sun first hit the cliffs.

We make our way up the canyon.

The trail/river.

Dinosaur tracks! for something different.

Bob, Gina, and Shawn making their way up canyon.

The easiest walking is in the river.

Cardinal Flower

There were small toads everywhere, so we had to watch our step.

Shawn decides to just walk up the waterfall as the easiest route.

Bob and Gina at the start of the subway curve.

Another small waterfall to get around or over.

A railroad track straight split in the rock.

The start of the Subway

One of the deep pools where you need to watch your step.

Bob hoping to check out what is around the bend.

Gina and Shawn ease around the deep pool.

Gina and Shawn at our turnaround point.  Chest deep water beyond.

Yes, we did walk down the side of the waterfall.  Parts were rather slick.

Picking our way down the waterfall

Heading through another stream crossing.

Shawn negotiates a tricky down section.

An aster, no idea which one.

Gina and Shawn making their way up the steep section out of the canyon.

Then Bob and I were off to Kolob Canyon.