Monday, January 27, 2020

Alabama Hills Arches Redux

Bob and I have made a couple trips to see the Alabama  Arches, and while we have seen many of them, we still have several more trips before we will have seen them all. Enjoy, these and I hope we will have more to share at some future date.

Whitney Portal Arch

Can you see Bob and the arch?

Bob is trying to get a picture through the arch.
He's getting closer, but still not there.
Now he has the angle.
Bob's photo of the Whitney Portal Arch and Whitney.  You knew it had to happen.
Susan's photo of the same arch.

Lathe Arch and the Sierra

Mobius Arch
Mobius Arch, Susan and Lone Pine Peak
Shark's Tooth

Eye of Alabama Arch.
Eye of Alabama Arch.
Eye of Alabama Arch.
Eye of Alabama Arch.

An R2D2 Arch.
Another unknown arch.  Now to name it.  Any suggestions?

Maybe we should call it Skull Formation Arch?
Yes, another angle on Skull Formation Arch.
Charred Arch
Yes it is an arch.
Bob for size comparison at Charred Arch.

Elusive Arch
Elusive Arch.

Hole in the Thumb Arch.
The view through the Thumb.
Keith Arch
Keith Arch is hard to see as an arch from most angles.

A new arch.  I call it sliver arch.

The book calls this laughing arch, I think it should be Idaho arch.  How about you?
Mile Arch.

Heart Arch