Monday, February 22, 2021

Death Valley - Kaleidoscope Canyon

Our final hike of the trip was in Death Valley on the way home, to the secluded Kaleidoscope Canyon in the southern part of the park. The approach to the canyon is a long slog up an alluvial dry wash. This two mile hike is nothing to write home about in terms of views. In a good flower year it could be quite beautiful, but this year it was just a long walk. I was beginning to wonder about the sanity of this hike when we finally reached the mouth of the canyon. And for the next mile it just kept getting better and better. What started out as one of the more disappointing hiking efforts I'd done, quickly became a favorite. This is one spectacular canyon.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Valley of Fire - Top of the World Arch

Birthday girl, ready to head out
The third hike from our desert trip was also in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. It was Susan's birthday and she wanted to hike along the edge of the mountain ridge through all the beautiful formations. I found an off-trail hike nearby to a hidden arch at the top of a peak so we decided to add that on too. Why not, we're in the neighborhood...

After traversing in and out of canyons, seeing all kinds of incredible formations, we turned up the route for the Top of the World Arch. It was a great hike with some scrambling (one of us may not have been too happy about that part) and amazing views. The arch at the top was impressive and worth the effort. All in all a great birthday adventure!

Eye of the World Arch

Starting up the route to the Top of the World Arch

We had companions along the way! Desert Bighorn Sheep

Celebrating at the Top of the World