Friday, January 21, 2022

Bendire Canyon

Bendire Canyon hit my radar screen when I noticed something labeled as dry waterfall on the topo map.  After the recent rains I had visions of a wet waterfall and had to go; as the Argus Range doesn't hold many water sources.  We convinced our friend BJ to go with, when we told her the how beautiful the day would be.  I might have been a bit off on the weather forecast, but we did enjoy a beautiful hike in a little visited canyon.  I was very impressed with the impressionistic look of the falls.  The limestone walls on the way in were also very interesting.  And my visions of water over the falls, was not to be.  They were damp, but no flowing water.

Interesting limestone layers.

Look how bright and sunny it is.

Loading chute

Up close look at limestone that has been uplifted.

We see snow on the hills and the sun leaves us.

Bob and BJ 

The narrows approaches.

It looks and feels like winter.

An old foundation at the entrance to the narrows.

It is worth a view looking up.

This mine shaft was a hundred feet up without an obvious trail to it.

The dry waterfall.

Ok, can you tell I like the water sculpted limestone?

With all those polished edges, once water was abundant.

Some weird slime mold grows on that wall.

BJ has on all her cloths for lunch.  Brrrr.

Is this where they got the Monster drink label?

Yes, I really liked the water curved limestone and the slime.

BJ isn't too cold to climb on the loading chute.