Wednesday, January 5, 2022


It rained in the Mohave Desert.  Not huge amounts where we are, a mere half an inch, but could it, would it, be enough for the falls in Great Falls Basin to flow?  Only one way to find out, so we gathered a crew and headed over. And for the first time in I don't recall how long, there was water over the falls.  Yippee!  To celebrate we did a hike and meandered aimlessly discovering our own Atlas Rock.  This is one of the coolest arches we have ever found.  We also hiked in water carved slick rock, with actual flowing water.  Oh my.  What a lovely day.

Bob was the first to hold up the Atlas Rock.

Water flowing over the falls!

Now I realize some of you might be saying, what falls?  Well look closely in the crack and water is rushing down it.  Beautiful.  If you were thinking of Yosemite Falls, you might be a bit disappointed, but for us, it is fabulous.  

Telescope Peak

Our crew wandering through the rocks.

My chosen watercourse involved a few tricky parts.

Look what we found, a waterfall.

Another tricky part. Gina and Shawn are in the queue as BJ goes up.

BJ uses the butt boost approach to get up and over the rock.

Gina goes with the helping hand approach.

The crew at lunch.

Nice balancing rock.


BJ and Bob hold up the rock!

Oh look, a tricky part to get down.

This rock would look amazing in my backyard, if someone would just pack it for me.

Another arch.

We take the tricky route back.

Must be careful here.

Water in narrows.

It is tricky work not to get wet feet.

Safe from wet feet.

After all that work to keep dry feet, BJ steps in the water.

More tricky stuff, and you thought we were done with that.  Hands are needed here.

Bob does fancy footwork to get down.

One more look at the falls.

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  1. Wow! You experienced and chronicled quite an adventure here in our own "backyard"
    Nice discoveries of rocks, arches and water. Lots going on in that ancient looking place.
    And water-over-the-falls!!
    Exhausting trek.