Monday, August 29, 2016

Mt Rainier, Part Two

Day 145 - August 28
Mile: 2323.5 to 2344.5 (21.0)
up/down: 2700/3800 feet

It takes a while to get past these big volcanoes so we had the pleasure of the company of Mt Rainier for most of the day. Leaving camp we continued the climb to a ridge we would follow for many miles. Switching sides of the ridge often we had views to both sides. To the west was Rainier, still sporting its cloudy hat. To the east was Cement Basin, Lake Basin, and Little Crow Basin, among others in the Peak Wilderness. It was view-o-rama all morning. 

In the afternoon we started the long roller coaster descent into Government Meadow and the Mike Urich Cabin - constructed in the 1990s by a local snowmobile club. It is open to hikers and would be handy in a rain storm but so far we've dodged that bullet. The forecast doesn't look so great a few days from now. If we play our miles right we'll be in Snoqualmie at a hotel that day. 



  1. I love "view-o-rama". Sure looks good to me. Nice to put "flesh" to the google view. Mt. Rainier is a mystic mtn. for me. I have a good book you will like about one of the first Rangers and his bride who spend the winter in the hotel with snow up to the second or third story. And then their explorations of the mtn in subsequent seasons.
    Jeff has a "fear" of fungi. I'll ask him if he scooted past that glorious photo you took. I hope new shoes and views are helping the miles be easier.

  2. The third shot over the grassy ridge, a canyon & Rainier in the distance with the clouds, the sky--that is something! And yes, seems you've been super fortunate weather wise...and health-wise too. You guys have probably forgotten what your own bed feels like. To think you started April 6--that was a long time ago....

    1. Yes it is my friend and I'm feeling every day of it.