Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fog, Frogs, and Fungi

Day 147 - August 30 (Happy birthday trail mom Terri!)
Mile: 2364.7 to 2385.8 (21.1)
up/down: 4400/5300 feet

The weather she's a changin'. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and the next day, we'll be in town by morning. The fog fills the valleys, below us this morning and we're camped in it tonight. 

More of the same for most of the day - second and third growth forests, with an extra effort in one section. I can't imagine the number of work-hours that went into creating thousands of these slash piles where they thinned the trees over hundreds of acres. Hard to believe it could be cost effective but what do I know. 

We did pass by the pretty Mirror Lake in the afternoon. There were epic numbers of huckleberry along the trail which were hard to walk past (we didn't walk past them all). And frogs and fungi, very cool. 


We are a mere 5 miles from Snoqualmie with the food and lodging that brings. It will be a short hiking day tomorrow with town chores and eating, lots of eating. 


  1. Glad that my birthday day was a good one for you! I was happily busy all day with phone calls, lunch and dinner out at Mon Reve and just enjoying.
    What a huge fungi Susan is showing. (Jeff will be shuddering when he sees that-Ha ha) Frogs are such a novelty for us desert folks, so its nice to see them. Huckleberries - Yummm. Years ago in Oregon at our friends' house, we picked wild berries and had them made into jam that afternoon. Now that's fresh!

  2. Forgot to say - I have one of those shelf tree fungus I collected long ago. Last forever if they are not eaten!