Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Liquid Sunshine

Day 126 - August 9
Mile: 1930.8 to 1951.5 (20.7)
up/down: 1550/1900 feet

June 12. The last time we had rain fall on us. Until last night. We knew the amazing run would eventually come to an end, but end it did. Not in any dramatic fashion, it sprinkled on and off all night hardly wetting the ground. We did start a little later than normal because of it, so we stopped early to make up! 

The never ending viewless forest continued today although with plenty of water opportunities. Not that we needed much, it was so cool all day that we drank very little. The lakes we passed ranged from nameless ponds to named lakes, most just water surrounded by trees. 

Of course when we needed water most, for camp, it deserted us with a 7 mile waterless stretch. We gathered enough for the evening at a small creek and pushed on for a dry camp. We are setting up for our next resupply in a couple days and also a visit from a friend of a friend. More about that later. 

As we rounded a corner at about 20 miles all of a sudden - a view!!  There stood the volcanic cone of Mt. Bachelor, a respectful distance from the Three Sisters (barely visible through the trees to the north. We are hoping to really see some great mountains tomorrow. 


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  1. I love that area!! Mt Bachelor is stunning. The lakes beckon me. Bend, not too far away is a favorite stop on the "beer trail".