Friday, August 5, 2016

The Buzz

Day 122 - August 5
Mile: Rim Alt 11.0 to 11.5 plus PCT 1836.7 to 1858.3 (22.1)
up/down: 2700/1800 feet

We continue this morning in a 20 mile waterless stretch with a 15 mile one to follow. The forest is deathly silent until the buzz. It's the sound of millions of mosquitos in the air. With a trail that is so dry as to make us carry water for what seems like forever, where the hell did all these bugs come from?! I do know the answer, there are lots of lakes and ponds around, we just don't get to visit any. The skeets are only slightly annoying, nothing like the blood sucking hoards of northern Yosemite. 

The real treat today was Mount Thielsen. We ascended the west flank getting within less than 2000 vertical feet of the summit. 

Snow on the trail today! 

Continuing on over the ridge we meet our only water source for the day in Thielsen Creek. This ice cold stream comes straight off a glacier on the mountain's north side. We took some time to wash off the dust and enjoy a cold mountain stream. 

We pounded out a few more miles and are camped on a ridge looking out at the first clouds we've seen since the middle of June! And we had our first view of South Sister today in the smoke haze distance. We'll be there soon. 


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  1. Lodgepole pine forests are great mosquito habitat. As soon as you get your first frosty night they will subside. You guys are doing great miles every day.