Monday, August 15, 2016

Mt. Jeff

Day 130 - August 13
Mile: 2017.4 to 2040.7 (23.3)
up/down: 4700/5600 feet

One big job today- get past the big stratovolcano that is Mount Jefferson. It was named by Lewis and Clark for their patron Thomas Jefferson.  Lots of up and down over numerous ridges along the west flank kept us busy all day. This was a good day for water as the high slopes hold snow and a couple of glaciers to provide many runoff creeks. 


The excitement for the day was crossing the glacier fed Russell Creek, ripping down the mountainside even this late in the season. 

Once on the north side we could see the glaciers well and entered Jefferson Park, a large meadow and lake basin that was very popular with day trippers. We climbed out of the park to reach a volcanic ridge above tree line still holding some large fields of snow. In the distance we could see our next big volcanic goal - Mt. Hood. We descended to a creek next to a forest service road and what did we find? Magic! Pogo (thru hike 2015) and his cousin Chloe were providing goodies for thru hikers for the weekend. We had great big sandwiches, chips and drinks while resting for a while in comfy camp chairs. Thank you Pogo and Chloe!!

Four more miles got us over another ridge and to a small lake basin where we pulled in to the first campsite we saw with just enough light for a quick wash in the lake before the mosquitos carried us away. No long water hauls today- yippee!  



  1. Wow! How did I miss this day's post! (mesmerized by Olympics) Flowers!!! So scenic. Such nice Trail Angels.

  2. Fell in love with glacial melt streams years ago in Oregon. The glacial "flour" making the water gray.