Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Between Wild

Day 146 - August 29
Mile: 2344.5 to 2364.7 (20.2)
up/down: 4400/4700 feet 

How to put this delicately - as a hiking day on the PCT, today sucked. I know every day can't be glorious views with water every two miles. But walking through endless young second growth and recent clear cut forest all day, and long water hauls, made for a day we could have done without. On the good side we are 20 miles closer to Snowqualmie and the start of the Northern Cascades. 

We had a couple views back at the north face of Rainier early so that was nice. The rest of the day passed through a burn caused by loggers, lots of small trees, and ugly views. All while doing epic PUDS (pointless ups and downs) to ridges with views of more clear cuts. I don't kid myself, I know all those 2x4s at the lumber yard have to come from somewhere, I just wish it wasn't from where I'm hiking on a national scenic trail. 

We had a couple water sources, one early and another late so we had to haul for lunch and another dry camp. The water situation looks better tomorrow and we'll be ever so much closer to resupply. We plan to camp about 6 miles out on Tuesday evening, head in Wednesday morning for a rest day and evening at the Summit Inn. Then it is into the teeth of the Cascades. 

We started the trail with 30 resupply boxes. The last one was mailed out today! After we pick up our box in Snoqualmie Wednesday there are only two resupplies remaining! We are under 300 miles to go now. 

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  1. I could see from the google view that clear cuts were to be your views and it took me back to my early conservation days learning about clear cuts and views in Washington of endless mountain ridges cleared of life. 35 years ago and still not good for abundant nature.... Glad you are now past that and into a replenishment day.