Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jurassic Park

Day 134 - August 17
Mile: PCT 2106.4 to 2125.1 and Eagle Creek alternate 0 to 4.5 (23.2)
up/down: 4400/5700 feet

We started and finished the day at low elevation in serious rain forest. The fog rolled in this morning adding an eeriness we haven't seen before. A T-Rex or pack of Velociraptors would not have seemed out of place. 

Up and down is what we did today and lots of it but views were mostly limited. We had a couple nice backlit views of Mt. Hood early and finished with a sweeping view of three big volcanoes to the north - St Helens, Ranier, and Adams. 

We finished the day by starting the Eagle Creek alternate. This trail will take us to Cascade Locks tomorrow past Tunnel Falls. It is a few miles shorter than he PCT but far more scenic and much more popular. We will be at the falls early, long before the day hikers can reach it. Good for us. 



  1. We used to think dinosaurs were going to come out of the ferns and bushes when we went for "treks" in New Zealand. About the same latitude and climate.

  2. What a nice change. I know you will get the best from your "civilized" stop.
    The rainforest is deep in my heart. The Columbia River is wonderful.