Friday, July 29, 2016

Roasting into Ashland

Day 115 - July 29
Mile: 1695.8 to 1716.2 (20.4)
up/down: 2600/4850 feet

A quick update tonight as we are in the Ashland area for a short break with trail mom Terri's family. We'll be here until Sunday morning.

We blasted out the 20 miles today about as quick as we have moved all trail - 9 hours. The trail was uneventful passing Mount Ashland then pointing down the mountain to I-5 south of Ashland. The heatwave continued to cook us today and we're hopeful it will break before we start again.  

We made the 1700 mile mark today, two big milestones this section!


A special thanks to Alex, Junie, and Jan for having us for a couple days. 

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  1. Enjoy a day off in town. We think Susan's trail name should be Kinglet to go with Kingbird. We'll hope for cooler days ahead.
    Ron & Nancy