Friday, July 22, 2016

On The Level

Day 107 - July 21
Mile: 1540.6 to 1563.5 (22.9)
up/down: 2450/2950 feet 

After we left the Divide yesterday we started on a contour line trail that would run for nearly 20 miles between 6 and 7 thousand feet elevation. It felt level most of the way and was expertly built and maintained. There were some sections through large talus fields that were as level and smooth as a sidewalk! It was easy and pleasant walking all morning and into the early afternoon. This is all part of the big swing west and south of Shasta through several sub-ranges of the Klamath. We were in the Scott Mountains all day and will make it to the Salmon Mountains tomorrow. 

Talus "sidewalk" 


The only hitch in our cruiser walking was the crossing of state highway 3 at Scott Mountain Summit that required a thousand foot descent with the corresponding climb of equal amount. Coming at the end of the day was cruel. We are now 34 miles from Etna Summit and should make it mid day on Saturday for the 10 mile hitch to town. 


For our Bishop friends and friends of Jim and Debby in Shasta, here's the rest of the story from last weekend (with Jim's permission). On the morning we were to arrive (Sunday) Debby was admitted to the hospital with acute pancreatitis. By Monday she had surgery to remove her gall bladder and was on the road to recovery. With our resupply stuff at their house Jim still felt obliged to help us out and made the 20 minute trip to the trail to pick us up. We asked if it made sense for him to just turn us back around to the trail with our resupply but he wouldn't have it. He gave us the run of their home with a fully stocked fridge while he was away. We still took our zero day and managed a quick run into town during some quiet time at the hospital. Tuesday morning we of course we're back on the trail and Debby was getting better. We can't thank Jim enough for giving us the attention he did during such a stressful time. We are very sorry to have missed our visit with Debby that was months in the planning. We promise to make a birding trip soon and make up for it! Our best wishes to Debby for a speedy recovery and sincere thanks to Jim for his kindness. 


  1. Good evening Bob & Susan,
    We're long time birding friends of Steve & Priscilla Summers that live in Eugene, OR and have been following along since they sent your blog address shortly after you started. If you're in need of any help in the central part of Oregon (Mt. Thielsen to Mt. Jefferson), just drop us a note, we would be glad to help out. My sister and I (Tom) will be attempting to finish the OR PCT (Highway 58 to OR/WA border) from 20 Aug to 6 Sept and Allison will be busy with resupply, etc during the period. But, otherwise we could help.
    Tom & Allison Mickel