Saturday, July 16, 2016

Go West

Day 101 - July 15
Mile: 1438.0 to 1461.4 (23.4)
up/down: 3600/4500 feet

Back in So Cal we traversed the San Gabriel mountains westward for a week and made no progress north toward Canada. We're at it again with a major west swing around the south end of Mt Shasta. Today we actually lost progress north as we were headed southwest most of the day. Next week we'll do a day that is almost due south all day! Oh well, we signed up for 2650 miles to Canada so I guess it doesn't matter all that much. 

Today was better than yesterday in both views and weather. Being overall higher in altitude helped and I think it was a few degrees cooler today. The afternoon was still plenty hot and humid but we handled it better. Shasta is getting really close now and our ridge top views during the middle of the day were outstanding. 


In the late afternoon we crossed one last ridge and started down for real. Tomorrow by mid morning we will be at the McCloud River at 2300 feet elevation - and then we have to climb out back to 5000 feet. We're getting good at this... Great flowers today too!


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