Thursday, July 7, 2016

"You Shall Not Mock Us!"

Day 91 - July 5
Mile: 1222.8 to 1247.2
up/down: 4050/7000 feet

I was foolish enough to write yesterday that the trail was getting easier. The trail gods took offense and thrashed us today. With a goal of making it to the middle fork Feather River for the night only 24 miles with four thousand feet of climbing and seven thousand feet of descent stood on the way. This also sets us up to make it into Belden in two more days for resupply and town food. Here is the elevation profile for today:

Most of the day was spent moving from one canyon to another in heavy forest with minimal views. But considering how many logging trucks we saw today I'm happy with the abundance of trees. We did get another peek at the snowy Lassen Peak much closer now. 

We passed Duck Soup Pond. How cool is that name!

The flower on this lily is the size of a child's fist 

With about 5 miles to go we started the serious drop, first seeing sugar pines, then cedars and Doug fir. Finally the riparian oaks and other shrubs of wet canyons. We are camped on a feeder creek just upstream from the Feather River. It is obviously well below peak flow but still a nice size river.  


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