Thursday, July 7, 2016

What Comes Down ...

Day 92 - July 6
Mile: 1247.2 to 1267.8
up/down: 6200/2700

... must go back up. And up we went, enough to climb out of the Grand Canyon. What we did climb out of for starters was the Feather River Canyon. Along the way we met Wolfie, a PCTA trail maintenance volunteer. He was working his section of trail with a rake and pruning shears. It was nice to chat with him and thank him for his hard work. 

The lower canyon was a rain forest habitat complete with giant slugs, sword ferns, mossy streams, and Chestnut-backed Chickadees. 


It took all morning to get out of he canyon and up to Lookout Rock near Bucks Lake. Then on to the Bucks Wilderness where we set ourselves up for a mostly downhill 16 miles into Belden tomorrow for resupply. Hopefully we can find showers and laundry as we are getting pretty disgusting...


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  1. What a gorgeous river area. Great slug. Only expect them over by the coast.