Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Into The Inferno

Day 111 - July 25
Mile: 1621.2 to 1641.2 (20.0)
up/down: 3000/6000 feet

New trip bird: Willow Flycatcher 

The Pacific Northwest is in the grips of a heatwave and we walked right into it this afternoon. After a lovely morning above 6000 feet we descended into hell...

Continuing our Marble Mountain tour, we left camp in Little Marble Valley and climbed the ridge to the north side of Black Marble Mountain. The scenery was spectacular. Continuing north we passed Kings Castle and Big Ridge as we ran the mountains out. All that was left was the drop to the Klamath River at Seiad Valley and the 100 degree temperature. 

It's a long drop, over a mile in elevation from our high point to the river. We did most of it this afternoon stopping about half a dozen miles short as we were running out of day and had done our 20. We could have ran it out but what's the point of getting to town at dark and risking injury to ourselves by pushing miles. We haven't done it yet and weren't about to start today. The last couple miles had us along Grider Creek and we're camped near the second crossing. The 2014 fire took out the wooden bridges so we have to cross the old fashioned way. Lots easier than Yosemite!


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