Thursday, July 7, 2016

Belden Town

Day 93 - July 7
Mile: 1267.8 to 1284.4 plus 1.3 mile road walk to food
up/down: 1650/5900 feet

The string of mega up and down days continues. Today was up for a while before a big descent north fork Feather River and Belden Town. There isn't much to it here but a couple RV parks and a trail angel. Brenda Braaten's Little Haven is a great spot and takes resupply packages. We walked he extra quarter mile to the Caribou Crossroads RV park where the restaurant fed us well and put up with us for the afternoon while we showered and charged electronics. 


Trail angel Brenda Braaten

While working our way to the top we met up with a high school group doing trail work as an internship with the Sierra Institute. It was fun to chat with them for a while. We saw the results of their hard work on the way down. 

The big drop down was much different than our descent into the middle fork a couple days ago. This one was very dry with much manzanita and chinquapin at the top and limited Doug fir on the slope. There was plenty of poison oak to watch out for!

We're staying in town and will hit it early with one of the biggest single climbs on the trail first up in the morning. 

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