Thursday, July 14, 2016

Burney Falls

Day 99 - July 13
Mile: 1394.2 to 1417.6 (23.4)
up/down: 850/2000 feet

New Trip birds: Virginia Rail, Lewis's Woodpecker, American White Pelican, Yellow Warbler, and Wood Duck

Today was mostly forest walking through a variety of habitat types. We started still on the Hat Creek Rim and took it to the conclusion about 10 miles later. Then it was down to the Crystal Springs Fish Hatchery and Baum Lake. That was our first water for the day. Baum Lake gave us several new trip and county birds including Yellow Warbler (I know, hard to believe it took this long!), Wood Duck, American White Pelican, and others.

The lake was low elevation and hot, yet we had to climb a ridge out of there to move on. Anyone who thinks the desert part of the PCT is the hottest and most miserable has never walked at low elevation in Nor Cal on a hot and humid July day. From the ridge it was a gentle descent to Burney Falls State Park where we had a box waiting. We spent an hour eating and rehydrating before heading down to the falls. While Black Swift isn't a new trip bird, it is new for Shasta County and always a treat to see these waterfall nesters. 

The "citified" campground is too much for us these days so we walked a ways out of the park for the night. Only 4 days to Shasta City and our friends Jim and Debby! We will take our first zero since Tuolumne!

And, 1400 today!


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