Thursday, July 21, 2016


Day 106 - July 20
Mile: 1516.4 to 1540.6 (24.2)
up/down: 2800/2350 feet

Continuing our big climb from yesterday we moved west away from the Crags and made a crest after five miles. This was the Trinity Divide, the crest of the Trinity Mountains that separate the Sacramento River from the Trinity River. We walked it north for 16 miles, crossing from one side to the other and back multiple times along the way, but always near the crest. Now solidly above 6000 feet elevation we are back in good wildflowers. 

Seven Lakes Basin near the Divide 

Walking the Trinity Divide 

Toad Lake with Shasta beyond  


One of our water sources today, a small spring. Not much to it!
With the Divide we entered Trinity county for the first time. This is our last California county. Just over the crest we heard the distinctive whining call of adult Mountain Quail trying to round up their young. And that does it, a PCT California sweep for Mountain Quail in every county. I'm sure there will be others when we can scrub the data (like Raven) but I never would have guessed Mountain Quail before the trip. 

At Parks Creek Road trailhead we left the Divide for good. We started west and held out until we made it to a small creek with camping nearby. No water haul tonight!  Our westward trek will continue as we move from one sub-range of the Klamath Mountains to the next. Yesterday it was the Crags, today the Trinity, tomorrow the Scott Mountains. I'm finally understanding the reason for the big west and sometimes south swing of the trail right now. To move through the highest of the Klamath range we must wander around a little. Good times to come!



  1. Yes, a shock that Mountain Quail would be so widespread.

  2. Yes, a shock that Mountain Quail would be so widespread.