Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shasta City

Day 103 - July 17
Mile: 1483.1 to 1498.5 (15.4)
up/down: 4000/5000 feet

We made it to Shasta City and are settled in for our first day off in nearly a month. Our friend Jim snagged us from the trail and took us to his house. Debby is sick so wasn't able to meet us at the trail. Thank you Jim!


The big climb today came first thing so was cool in the morning air. And the drop into the heat came in the afternoon with reasonable shade which was nice. When we made the crest we got our first close looks at Castle Crag State Park which is up next on Tuesday. We are much farther west now so the view of Shasta is considerably different that the last view we had a couple days ago. 

Rest day tomorrow and I'll post an update on some things of interest from our hike. 

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