Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great Friends Are Great

Day 109 - July 23 (Happy birthday Uncle Bill !)
Mile: 1583.6 to 1600.4
up/down: 3200/3600 feet

When great friends and super trail angels Dan and Brenda (you'll remember them from Tehachapi and Bird Springs Pass, among others) were coming back from an RV trip and asked us if we could meet up, how could we pass that up?! After discussions we figured out that we could meet up both in Etna and Seiad Valley. The meet today was extra special as it save us the hassle of hitch in 10 miles in from Etna Summit to town. Thanks again Dan and Brenda, you are the best!

Speaking of angels, we've gotten cookies in our last two boxes from Jennifer and her girls Megan and Mackenzie, and Susan's friend Raena. Thanks to all!

We finished the nearly 14 miles to the summit fairly quickly, passing some nice scenery but also a fairly substantial burn. That finishes the Salmon sub-range for us. Next we move on to the Marble Mountains as we head for Seiad Valley. Speaking of that we're actually going to walk a couple or more miles tonight after it cools down. 

Snow on the trail today!

Dan and Brenda met us at the summit and took us to town. We showered in their RV which was awesome! A big meal at a local diner has us set to go. It's only three days hiking to Seiad Valley where we'll see them again so we're leaving behind some stuff we won't need like rain gear and chargers. Saving any weight in the pack is great!

Edit: Dan and Brenda dropped us at the trail about 6:30 pm and we walked out a few miles, including past 1600!


  1. Yay for Brenda and Dan!!! They are such an amazing couple. And cool flower, I looked it up, it is Siskiyou Lewisia (aka Cliff Maids) - Lewisia cotyledon.

  2. Cute picture. Just guessing pants are in the wash?

  3. One of the great by-products of this great adventure is being loved by your friends, a wonderful outcome. Thanks for sharing the flower photos with those of us who seem to have one shoe nailed to the floor! A beautiful reward. Take care and be safe. Mary

    1. Thanks Mary. Always great to hear from you.