Saturday, July 9, 2016

Half Time

Day 95 - July 9
Mile: 1303.0 to 1325.5
up/down: 3200/4200 feet

Half way. In some ways it feels great. In others it is overwhelming to think we have to do it all over again. But over again is different and there is much left to do and see. We will press on. Our new goal is to finish by mid-September to avoid the worsening fall weather in the Cascades. To make it we will have to average 20 miles per day and take few zeros. That is tough on us but we haven't broken yet. 

We continue to approach Lassen National Park. Today we walked a lot of ridge tops with excellent views both east and west. We are getting so close now to Lassen Peak that it's a real mountain. Today it was shrouded in clouds as the weekend cold front hit us with cooler temperatures and a healthy breeze. It is a reminder that summer is fickle in the mountains. Always be prepared for anything. 

We passed the half way marker late this afternoon. It isn't much to look at, just a concrete post with a few words, but the symbol is immense. The trail changes in length with rerouting and remeasuring. The latest and most accurate measurement was done by "Halfmile" in 2014 with precision GPS. He has the border monument at just over 2650 miles so the true half way point is 1325, a few miles north of the mid point marker. We are camped at mile 1325.5 next to Soldier Creek so definitely have our first half in the bag. 



  1. Congrats on the half-way! That's spectacular! I notice there is a sign-in in the army box. Cool.

  2. Congratulations! Awesome. Enjoy the many more adventures to come (and new county birds).