Monday, April 11, 2016

Town Day!

Day 6 
Mile 101 to 109.5 (Warner Springs)
up/down: 850/1300 feet

After a leisurely departure from camp this morning we made quick work of the 8.5 miles to the tiny community of Warner Springs. The hike took us through several miles of sagebrush and grass meadow followed by a PCT landmark- Eagle Rock. The final couple miles weaved through a lovely oak riparian area. 

The Warner Springs Community Center caters to hikers during the season providing camping, hot water for outdoor showers and laundry, and electricity to charge all our toys. We'll spend the rest of the day here resting up before starting the next section to Idyllwild. I've already done the two mile road walk to the Post Office so we have lots of food again. Onward!

Doing laundry!

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  1. Your vireo list is getting impressive. Enjoy your day of rest. I hope to see you next weekend.