Friday, April 22, 2016

"You Deserve a Break Today"

Day 17 - April 22
Mile: 320.5 to 342
up/down: 3300/3800 feet

New bird species:
Caspian Tern
Ruddy Duck 
Western Grebe 
Total: 141

One goal today, walk to the only fast food virtually on the trail. McDonalds!  No matter how much you think you despise McD, show up after hiking 340 miles, the last 80 uninterrupted wilderness I guarantee you too will partake. It's actually quite enjoyable to watch the kids we're hiking around when they pack it away. 

The hike was pretty standard in most respects for what we've been doing lately. All California chaparral weaving in and out, up and down various canyons. The highlight was a traverse around part of the shoreline of Silverwood Lake where we picked up a few new birds for the trip. 

The final excitement came in the last few miles coming in to Cajon Pass as the forecast winds cranked up and like to blow us off the ridge. There were a few gusts that had to be 60+ mph. It was a wild ride. 

Overlooking Cajon Pass

Susan battles the wind

Because we knew the wind forecast we had decided to stay indoors tonight at the Best Western just down the road from McD's. As always it is nice to be clean and warm, and especially out of the gale that's a blowin'. We are undecided when we will start tomorrow, probably rest until they throw us out of the motel - then walk.

Tom, Josh, and Julie packing it away. 


  1. Windy, but clear, beautiful shots. And after all the talk of the Lazuli Bunting I had to look him up--cool little bird. As for Mcd's that was the place to go when we were kids wasn't it? Now I wouldn't dare go--unless I just came off a 340 mile hike. I bet it tasted wonderful. Wrightwood has a couple tasty sandwich places you might want to sneak into.... Happy trails.

    1. Wrightwood is next on the hit parade. Our resupply box for the next section is at the hardware store.

  2. Rest my friends. Strong feeling about the 26th to the 28th being a bit more powerful storm than expected. Calorie up. Del Taco sounds good tomorrow.

  3. Good to see our boys have kept up with you Bob/Sue. Great pics. You're certainly packing in those miles. Well done to you all.