Friday, April 15, 2016


Day 10 - April 15
Miles: about 8 off trail

After a cold and windy night below the San Jacinto ridge we continued the fire detour alternate for a while. A bit of trail, some paved road, and a few miles of forest service road got us to Hwy 74 about 4 miles  south of Lake Hemet. After walking a mile down the highway we threw in the towel and hitched the rest of the way to Idyllwild. We didn't sign up to walk highways and did all the open PCT miles. Good enough. Tom, a local house painter was heading into town to pick up supplies and took pity on us old people with our thumbs out. Actually he's familiar with the trail and knew what we were doing. 

Tom dropped us at the Idyllwild Inn where our resupply box was. There was no room at the Inn so we walked the short distance to the Idyllwild Campground, part of the CA state parks system. They have a "hike or bike" section for only $3 each per night. And showers!!  It's early afternoon as I record this: we are stuffed with Mexican from a diner just down the road and kicking back for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we will tackle the infamous Fuller Ridge high on the north side of San Jacinto Peak. 


  1. Serious? You pre-made your own sign? You are one prepared dude! Good luck to you guys on the Ridge tomorrow.

    1. It is the folded tyvek ground cloth that goes under our tent

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  3. Loving your comments and photos.