Friday, April 29, 2016

Down Time

Day 24 - April 29
Mile: 430.5 to 444.5
up/down: 2000/5650

New LA County birds for Susan:
Common Poorwill
Western Screech-Owl

It's been a tough week with weather, terrain, and mileage. So when we got to the Acton KOA in the early afternoon, the draw of a shower and shade grabbed us and wouldn't let go. So we're here for the evening and will go again tomorrow morning with the goal to get to the Hiker Heaven trail angel house and our next resupply in Auga Dulce. 

Not much to report on the hike today, a continuation of the burn from the 2009 Powerhouse Fire. It was mostly down but in the sneaky way of the PCT, the trail managed to have plenty of uphill to keep us honest. 


  1. A shower! Finally! I know, I didn't want to say anything. Hey, we calculated you guys did 10,000 feet up, 11,000 down and close to 50 miles in two days (Wed-Thursday). Wow. What more to say?

    1. Dude, keep them coming. You had us rolling on the floor with this one. 😀

    2. Well I can't wait to show this to my teenagers...see I am funny! Finally, someone who understands me :)

  2. So impressed by the two of you! A pause and a rest well-deserved. Walkin' with you... Mary