Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hiking through the tears

My friend, Shelley, lost her battle with chronic pain last night. My heart goes out to her husband, John, and children Erica, and Greg and Barrie. 

Most of the local hikes Bob and I have taken this spring are based on hikes Shelley and I did over the years. She was my hiking companion and confidant     We discussed men, children, and the state of the world, but mostly we reveled in the glory of the natural world. 

Shelley loved the beauty of our canyons and worked to preserve them in their natural state. She also wanted to educate people about what they were seeing. We gathered data on the birds, butterflies, and flowers. This turned into the information sign at Short Canyon. It was Shelley's idea and most of the photos are hers. 

Shelley is one of my inspirations for this current walk. She told me to retire while I still had my health, do the things I wanted to do, and enjoy life. 

I've included a couple of photos of beautiful things today. Things that Shelley would have loved. 


  1. So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Found out about Shelley today. What a sad end to an awesome friend. Wasn't going to burden you on the trail, but you know anyway. So glad you and she had so many terrific times together!

  3. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry. Truly this trip you are on is a tribute to Shelley as you did follow her sage words and embark when you are healthy and able to enjoy. May you carry her with you as you walk.

  4. Oh no, I am so sorry Susan. Shelley was such an amazing human and her illness was so strange. You and Bob are constantly on my mind and even more so now. Be well and enjoy the journey in memory of dear Shelley. Hugs.

  5. Susan, thank you for this sweet, kind rememberance of Mom. She gave out some great advice and I hope we can all have the courage to live it. She loved hiking with you and talked often about your excursions together.