Monday, April 18, 2016

Big Bear and some rest

Day 13 - April 18
Mile 252.5 to 259.5
up/down: 450/1950 feet

Ah, rest. And we're clean - clothes and bodies!  We needed it all. We woke up at our Onyx Summit camp to real sub-freezing cold, the first of the trip. That motivated us to get a move on. We only need to walk 7 miles through a beautiful montane forest to a forest service road where our friend Sandy could pick us up and take us to her house a few miles away. We had already shipped our resupply box here so the day was spent organizing for the next hundred miles to Wrightwood, getting clean, and resting. This evening we'll make a run to town for a few last minute supplies and dinner. We will be off early tomorrow, all ready to go thanks to another wonderful angel along the trail. Thank you Sandy!

Huge juniper trees

Huge Jeffrey Pine

Susan with our angel Sandy

Now that we've left Riverside county, some statistics on Susan's county birding quest: we saw 68 species, 13 of which were new. That gets her Riverside list to 220 species. Our total species for the trip is now 128. 

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  1. Those Junipers are truly amazing! Didn't know those giants were up there. Terrific. Also great photo of the always beautiful Jeffrey Pine.