Saturday, April 30, 2016

Enter the Vortex

Day 25 - April 30
Mile: 444.5 to 454.5
up/down: 2050/1750 feet

There is a large herd of hikers just behind us, and where we wanted to go today has a limit. Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce is a fixture on the PCT. Jeff and Donna (L-Rod) Saufley are trail hosts extraordinaire, opening their home to hikers passing through for nearly 20 years. All run by volunteers, its an amazing setup with laundry, loaner clothes, showers, limited sleeping quarters but lots of tent space, and infinite space to just hang out with our fellow hiker trash. We weren't sure if we were staying the night but after a big lunch in town and waffling a little on heading out this evening, we were sucked into the vortex. It's an easy trap to fall into - many hikers will spend days in towns. We will be out of here early tomorrow morning for sure. Really. I mean it. 


We get the little RV for the evening!


Our friend Stan came to visit and brought us some goodies for the afternoon and the next section. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of our friends. Thanks Stan for the magic!

It took us 10 miles to get here coming out of the KOA, over a big ridge and down to Highway 14. The tunnel under the road was the coolest thing, shaped just like the PCT emblem. A coincidence? I think not! 


Up next was the fascinating Vasquez Rocks State Park. We have driven by this spot along the highway dozens of times but never stopped. And here we are walking through. It was pretty cool. The only disappointment was the lack of birds in a great riparian area. At the end of April this spot should have been hopping with migrants and all we could com up with aside from the resident birds was one Wilson's Warbler. Oh well. 




Hey Tom and Liga, which Calochortus?

So we're chillin' for the evening and resting up for a tough section upcoming. And after spending a week traversing the San Gabriel Mountains going WEST and gaining nothing on getting to Canada, we get to go north again!



  1. Looks like Calochortus clavatus.

  2. Beautiful place. So glad you got "the penthouse" RV. Just spent Thursday to Sunday in Cottonwood Canyon in DV National Park. That's why we have not responded to your posts the last couple days. Lots of birdies and six nesting broods. Will tell you all about it later. Maybe a backpack there next spring? Only about 4 miles each way. You could do it in your sleep. Not to give you the twichies, but the magic is to STAY there and observe.