Sunday, April 10, 2016

100 miles

Day 5

Mile 81.5 to 101 (Barrel Spring)
Up/down: 3450/3050 feet

If you've read Susan's previous entry, not a lot more to say. We spent the day traversing the San Felipe Hills, in and out of dozens of side canyons, finally gaining the top at about 4300 feet. Then it was down to Barrel Spring for the evening. The traverse was gorgeous as we had lovely flowers and Sonoran desert habitat. The entire time we were looking down on San Felipe Valley. 

We're only 9 miles from the town of Warner Springs and our first resupply - a full day ahead of schedule. Who'd have thought we'd be able to knock out 5 consecutive 20 milers? Not us. 

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  1. Gorgeous live forever. I wish all of our friends could. 😢 Glad you have made it to 100. Looking forward to your next post.