Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rite of Passage

Day 1

Mile 2.3 to 20.0

Bird lists:
List 4

Ron and Nancy put us back in the trail this morning where we left off yesterday afternoon. We spent the morning working our way through beautiful California coastal mountain chaparral habitat. Cal Thrashers, Wrentits, and Black-chinned Sparrows were plentiful all day. And flowers! Lots of fantastic blooms all day. 

This section has Hauser Canyon, a tough hike on any day but more so when it's hot. Just as we neared the bottom of the descent we ran into our first trail magic of the trip. Rob from San Diego was waiting for his father Robert to come along and generously providing food and drink to all hikers who passed by. And what a spread he had! Susan had fresh coconut- and I mean fresh! He opened it so Susan could drink the cold milk then spoon out the flesh. Robert came along shortly after. Turns out it was his birthday!  It was hard to pull ourselves away but the rite of passage of the climb out of Hauser awaited. Thank you Rob!!

It was hot but the wind helped a little. We made it to the top without trouble and are now walking the last couple miles into Lake Morena where we'll meet Ron and Nancy for another fantastic dinner at the Morena Village Malt Shop. If last night was any indication we're in for another treat. 

Starting off

Susan with bush mimulus

Rob and Robert at the awesome trail magic

Yes we saw Ravens yesterday and today. Susan had at least two new SD county birds. And no blisters today. Ice cream remains to be determined. 


  1. It is amazing to me the quality of the people I meet while hiking around the back country.

    Susan: I hope you aren't having blister problems. I can tell stories about that.

  2. Replies
    1. High 80s and humid. Too hot for this early and we're not used to it yet.

  3. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Stay safe.

  4. Nice lists. Check out list 3. You had some mighty unusual birds or you two know how to fly fast. 😉