Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Flowers in Kern River Valley

North Fork Kern Track Link

Our friends Denise and Alison gave us a couple tips on flowers in the Kern River Valley, so off we went.

First stop was to see the Kelso Valley Monkeyflowers.  They were wonderful.  They are also microscopic.  What a beautiful flower with such a restricted range.

Kelso Valley Monkeyflower

Kelso Valley Monkeyflower

A really awful photo, but it does show you the size

Next stop was the North Fork of the Kern River.  We ended up doing a very nice four mile loop through wonderful fields of gilia, goldfields, and owl’s clover.  Visually it was amazing.  It also smelled incredible. 

We think we can make a longer loop trip by going up this canyon.

On our way home we stopped for a look at some baby blue eyes near Mt. Mesa.

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