Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Argus Mountains – Water Canyon

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A year ago, almost to the day, we did a fine loop adventure in the Argus following donkey trails.  You can see that report here.

This time we decided to start at the mouth of Water Canyon and then branch off on a side tributary to the north.  This canyon had an old abandoned dirt road that continued farther than we went and had an interesting branch to the northwest that we will have to explore on another trip.  The area is rich in mine paraphernalia and we saw the rock remains of a building, many shallow prospecting holes, and rusted tin cans.

The road climbed steadily and we gained 2000’ in 5.5 miles where we decided to stop for lunch.  Our lunch views included the Panamint Valley and of Telescope Peak.  On the way back we followed a donkey trail and explored another side canyon that drained into Water Canyon proper.  And speaking of donkeys, we had thirteen during the day, which were variable in color, something I hadn't noticed before.

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