Monday, March 6, 2017

Water Damage

Water "roars" in Noname Canyon
We did a hike in Noname Canyon, primarily to fill an ebird gap, but also to take a look at the water damage to the road. Our friends, Rosie and Chris, had sent us photos from about a month ago, and we wanted to see for ourselves. Well, it is quite impressive. The water raced down the road for about a mile, creating areas where the road bed has been eroded four feet and depositing four man rocks on the road.  We now have to park a bit further down the road than we usually do, but other than that, it really doesn’t affect us.  It was interesting to see the tracks where even the jeep decided to turn around. All this road damage was caused by a poorly designed road intersection.  Oh, and the power of running water.

A very large rock in the road

Walking the extra bit of road also caused us to look more closely, and we discovered an old piece of rock wall and what might be old bedsprings near what could be an old prospect.

Birding was nice with 22 species recorded, including a new bird for the canyon, Stellar’s Jay.  Other signs of spring included Lincoln’s Sparrows, Violet-green and Tree Swallows, and singing California Thrashers and Bewick’s and Rock Wrens.

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