Thursday, March 23, 2017


After being cooped up for a day due to wind, the promise of winds only 10-15 mph in the morning had me heading out to see flowers.  My destination was Red Rock Canyon State Park.

It was lovely – goldfields, two varieties of mimulus, scale bud, coreopsis, phacelia -- all set off against the red striped cliffs.

Goldfields and Mimulus


Mimulus and Phacilia

After looking at the flowers around the parking lot, I headed up the north drainage to get out of the wind.  I had a nice work out climbing out of the canyon and new views of the rock formations.  I also had a pair of nesting prairie falcons in the cliffs above me.

Mimulus and Goldfields


  1. I always wish I had a geologist and botanist with me during my birding forays. Beautiful country.

  2. Beautiful this time year. Everwhere mother nature on display.