Tuesday, April 18, 2017

North Fork Kern River

Kern River track link

We were out again with the local hiking group, this time for a tour of the North Fork Kern River from the Johnsondale Bridge upriver. With the exceptional runoff in the rivers right now it was questionable if this hike would go as the trail is low in the canyon and subject to flooding in high water. But the water level dropped due to cooler weather a few days before our hike and we were good to go. 

The water in the river was ripping down canyon and scary enough as is. Imagining how much larger this flow will likely get during peak runoff in a few weeks in downright terrifying. 

There were a few other interesting sights along the way including a waterfall and small columnar basalt outcropping similar to Devil's Postpile far up on the canyon wall.

Brian points to the columnar basalt formation

The basalt column.  I needed a longer lens for this one...

The waterfall from Dry Meadow Creek entering the main river

This wasn't a particularly flower filled area but we did see a few nice ones along the way. 

Seep Monkeyflower


Manzanita flowers


Yellow Violets

The hiking on this stretch of the river isn't difficult - mostly level terrain with some rocky footing in spots. Our weather was perfect and the company was great. Another successful outing! 

Johnsondale Bridge
Bob by the river. Photo by Brian Veit

A natural cave along the route
Big Oak

Big river

Most of the group (a few ran off right after lunch). Photo by Brian Veit
And the entire group at the bridge. Photo by Paul Decker

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