Friday, April 7, 2017

A Group Hike to Mt Jenkins

Mt. Jenkins track link

We told our friend Hikin’ Bill, about Mt Jenkins.  He was intrigued, so we scheduled a day.  We also told our friend Brian, and he told another couple we’ve hiked with, Gina and Shawn, and so we had a group.  Yea for us.

Wind clouds on the crest

Our chosen day turned out to be windier than expected, but we went for it.
The wind did put a damper on birding, but we did manage to come up with about fifteen species including an Osprey.

Almost there.  Just the last little tricky spot to do.

The view from the top was very nice.

Looking out on the Indian Wells Valley

Our mountain climbing crew

Coming back down the tricky spot.

The view back up from the PCT.

The crew. Photo by Brian Veit

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