Monday, April 17, 2017

Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon Track Link

This Marble Canyon is in Inyo County in the Inyo Mountains.  Yes, it is an overused name, like Cottonwood Canyon.  But usually when something is called Marble Canyon it is pretty, and when there is an area labeled “the Narrows” it is interesting.  What more could we need to draw us there for a day of exploration.

It turns out that the area is rich in mining artifacts as well.


The little pinprick of light is the flashlight on Bob's cellphone
Lived again.

We had asked friends if it was possible to get through these narrows and we received conflicting responses.  It turns out it is possible to get through and connect with a jeep road.  Now that we know this, we can plan some car shuttle trips that will allow us to see more of the country.

And yes, it is pretty and interesting so we are willing to go back if any of our friends would like to do a car shuttle and explore the area further.

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